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Favorite conjecture: N=N* fp ne fl fi fc fL

Favorite Female Physics Nobel Laureate: Marie Curie (she’s a Hottie)

Favorite equation: df=(v/c)*f Favorite cereal: Grapenuts

Favorite word in Morse Code: hashish

Favorite movie: Office Space Favorite drug: Ritalin Favorite Element: Lithium

Favorite drink: Short Pull Triple Espresso

Favorite online casino games: 918kiss, mega888, tbsbet, citibet,

Norm performs all over the San Francisco Bay Area at nightclubs, comedy clubs, corporate events, private parties and fundraisers. His humor touches on technology, science, politics, and the human condition. His quips were quoted regularly by the late great Herb Caen in the San Francisco Chronicle and his jokes are heard on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You can spot his ‘wisdom’ in SF Chron. Leah Garchik’s column as well as the Bruce Bellingham’s column in the SF Northside Magazine.North SF Bulletin and the prestigious Journal of Irreproducible Results Born with Asociotechnophelia, he redirected the ravaging effects of this disease toward developing skills as a physicist, teacher, engineer and entertainer. Norm’s philosophy is that everyone wants to feel smart, and his material will make you feel that way. Let him exercise your right AND left brain. You’ll be surprised how much you really learned at school. He has two head positions- towards the stars and towards his shoes but get him onstage and power him with a spotlight and his laser gaze will entrance you and have you exclaiming,

Hey! I’m smarter than a SIXTH Grader!

Link to video of Wonderfest 2009 Performance

Link to New York Times Article Dec, 2009

Link to Youtube videos

Link to Science Friday Comedy and Science broadcast

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NOT for geeks only!!

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USA Science And Engineering Festival April 27 7:30

Washington, DC.

Dr. G’s Empirical Compound June 2 8 PM

Live Taping- Mid Peninsula Media Center, Palo Alto

Dr. G’s Empirical Compound June 19 8 PM

Hollywood Fringe Festival

National Comedy Theater

Tues. Jan 17, Punchline, San Francisco

Wed. Jan 18, Angelica’s Bistro Redwood City

November 2, 2011 Rooster T Feathers

A night of Science Comedy (with Brian Malow)

This is going to be a great show! It is part of the wonderful

Bay Area Science Festival


March 2 San Jose Improv,

note: click each underlined link for all the details

Benefit for Canary Cancer Foundation with

Letterman Comedian

Steve Mazan

Buy Tickets at Eventbrite.

March 12 Mensa (private)

March 13, Improv, San Jose with TIM LEE

April 12, 11:45 AM TASC Mountain View

April 17, 8PM Rooster T Feathers with Don McMillan

May 9, Club Fox, Redwood City

May 29, Skepticon 2011, Berkeley

May 29, Exploritas (Private)

June 21, A Grape In The Fog, Pacifica

Oct 3, 7PM A Grape In The Fog, Pacifica


Dec. 31 Exploritas (Private)

Jan 1Exploritas (Private)

Jan 12, Throckmorton Theater

Feb 28th, “Sick Comedy” Berkeley Public Library

April 10, Los Altos Live- Eagle Theater

April 14, LA Mix- National Comedy Theater Los Angeles

April 25, “Sick Comedy” Berkeley Public Library

May 6- Cadence Fundraiser (Private)

May 14, Dinner and Comedy, Massimo’s, Pleasanton

June 3, with Don McMilllan, Rooster T. Feathers, Sunnyvale

June 3Rooster T Feathers with Don McMillan

July 19, Wine and Laughs- Fundraiser Livermore

Lawrence Livermore Laboratories (Security Clearance Required)

Oct USA Science and Engineering Festival, Washington, DC.

November- Comedy Off Broadway- Science Comedy Night


Jan 14 Rooster T. Feathers

Science Comedy with Brian Malow and Norm Goldblatt. This is the third performance of the wildly popular Night of Science and Technology Humor, unique to Silicon Valley and enjoyed by students, scientists, thinkers and specialists in All or No Discipline. Not to be missed. Last shows were sold out early in both Sunnyvale and San Francisco, so make your reservations online or by phone. It’s coming up soon!

Bus ticket thailandBus to Chiang Mai

Jan 24 “Dinner and a Laugh” Sharp Park Restaurant

Feb 4 Punchline with Tim Lee

Feb 11, Villa Roma, Redwood City

Feb 17 Throckmorton Theater- Mark Pitta and Friends

Feb 21 Darwin Celebration- Bad Science Festival

March 5 Rooster T Feathers with Don McMillan

Mar 7 Los Altos Live

March 10 Stanford Alumni Center

May 6, Cadence Design (private)

May 28 Mission Coffee, Fremont

June 7 Bunjo’s Comedy Club

June 16 Cafe Scientifique

June 20 Bunjo’s Comedy Club

July 5 Bunjo’s Comedy Club Clean Comedy Show

July 31 Bunjo’s Leukemia Fundraiser

Aug 18 Comedy On The Wharf

Sept 4 Elderhostel (Private)

Sept 17 Hotel Management Event

Oct 1 La Petite Trianon w/ Tim Lee

Oct 21 Cafe Luna Sacramento

Oct 23 Massimo’s Fremont

Oct 28 Rooster T Feathers with Brian Malow and Robert Mac

Nov 8,9 Wonderfest 2009 Berkeley, Stanford

Dec 7,8,14 Marsh Theater

Dec 9,20 Octopus Lounge, Pacifica

Dec 10,11 Comedy Off Broadway Oakland

Check back for future performances. May I have the pleasure of performing for your corporate event, party, fundraiser?

December 2007 Performances

New Jew Review, Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley, Dec.15

January 2007 Performances

Stanford Graduate Community Center, Stanford University, Special Science Humor Night,

March 2007 Performances

Rolling Hills Country Club, March 16

October 2007

Rolling Hills Country Club

November 2007

Stanford Graduate Community Center

December 2007

Pleasanton Hotel

Throckmorton Theater


Jan 28 Laughing Liberally with Marga Gomez

Feb 28 Red Rock

Feb 29 Berkeley Spuds

Mar 19 Pleasanton Hotel

April 8 Improv San Jose

April 30 Cadence Corporate

Arpil 30 Blue Rock Shoot

May 3 Berkeley Relay For Life

May 8 Stanford Graduate Community Center

June 30 Stanford Graduate Community Center

July 3 Improv San Jose with Tim Lee

July 9 Blue Rock Shoot

July 25 Berkeley Spuds

July 30 Blue Rock Shoot

August 6 Blue Rock Shoot

Aug 10 Improv with Don Mcmillan

Aug 11 Punchline with Brian Malow

Aug 26 Improv Comedy Competition

Sept 17 Stanford Graduate Community Center

Oct 20 Red Rock

Oct 22 Rooster T Feathers

Nov 1 Stanford Wonderfest 2008

Nov 2 Berkeley Wonderfest 2008

Nov 7-11 Rooster T Feathers with Andrew Norelli, Dave Burleigh and Robert Mac

Dec 10 Cal Sci Institute Fundraiser with Brian Malow

Dec 11 DCM Corporate

Dec 20 Private Birthday Party

Dec 23,24 Chopshticks- with Gary Gulman

Other Recent Performances

Tommy T’s, Pleasanton

Sunnyvale Library Einstein Series

Clean Comedy Night at the Blue Rock Shoot Saratoga

The Three Wiseguys, Saratoga

Other Performances:

Forsight Nanotechnology Institute Annual Meeting,

Center for Informed Food Choices-Naturally Funny Comedy Show,

Rooster T Feathers, The Improv, Catch a Rising Star

IEEE Management Seminar,

Chopshticks Comedy Night 2002, 2003, 2004,2007,2008

Autism Association Comedy in the Park

Doug Ferrari’s Java Beach Comedy Showcase,

Blue Rock Shoot End of Year Blowout 2003,

Etz Chayim Purim Spiel, Santana Row Comedy al Fresco, Reno Sands Just For Laughs Comedy Club,

Santa Cruz Crows Nest, Gaslighter Theater Sunday Funnies

The Improv San Jose with Don McMillan

San Francisco Comedy Competition 2003

Best of San Francisco Comedy Competition- Little Fox Theater

Tsunami Fundraiser The Quake 940

Caroline’s New York City

Gotham Comedy Club (Seminar)

The Improv San Jose with Jeff Dunham

Mark Pitta and Friends, Throckmorton Theater

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